Iceland Day 6

On the road again……..

Our campsite for this night was a little over 3 hours away from Tungulending Guesthouse. We enjoyed our free breakfast, packed up our belongings and got back on the road. We didn’t make it far because during our lovely dinner the night before, it was suggested to check out a new geothermal pool in Husavik.


Geosea- Geothermal Sea Bath…. talk about luxury! This place was so cool! The building looks like its underground and you feel like a V.I.P member just walking in to the place. You get a bracelet that unlocks the lockers in the locker room and is also your bar tab. There is a view of the ocean as well. Pretty amazing.

It was about 40 isk per person. You can rent a towel and bathing suit if needed and there is a restaurant in the lobby area. Bonus: They supply body wash, conditioner, and shampoo in the showers.

Check out their website: Geosea Geothermal Bath

Secretive Entrance… V.I.P
Ocean View!


We had a lot of driving to do after the Geosea experience. Luckily there are so many amazing views to see along the way, that it never felt like we were driving for a long period of time. I do remember we stopped a few times so we could take a lot of photos.



We pulled over to check out the Glaumbaer farm & museum. The buildings were closed so we didn’t get to go inside or get a tour but we did take some cool photos of the turf houses and the church.




To get to our campsite from Glaumbaer, we drove through the next town Saudarkrokur, and then found the long gravel road that led us to our campsite for the night. (748)

We stayed at Drangeyjarferðir. This was my favorite campsite that we stayed at. It was right next to the ocean! There were also two hot springs/geothermal pools and a changing room. This cost extra, but it was worth it. The office building sold food and beverages. There is a kitchen and bathroom on the property as well.

The best part of this night was that I finally saw the northern lights with my own two eyes!!!!!!! In full effect! Jason got a lot of awesome pictures of the northern lights.



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