Canyoneering- Utah

East Zion Adventures– Orderville, Utah

Eeek! How in the world do I end up in these wild situations on vacation where i’m somehow dangling off the side of a cliff or anything that makes me cry a little on the inside!?!

Ahh yes.. starts with a J.. and ends with a N. My lovely better half.. Jason

Jason decided to book a Slot Canyon Rappelling & Jeep Tour with East Zion Adventures for the second day. This tour lasted a few hours. On the website it says 4-5 hours, but since I was a little nervous it honestly felt like more like 8 hours. I guess it does not help the fact that I am afraid of heights and need a little more cardio in my life. I realized this the moment we had to hike up a steep hill. Instead of asking our amazing guide very important questions about anything related to our tour ………………. I decided to ask him, how much farther we had to go.

I almost forgot to mention how we even made it to this canyon. THE JEEP TOUR! We drove to East Zion Adventures. From our hotel it took us about 50 minutes. After we checked in we hopped on a Jeep with a few other people and drove to the start of the tour. Lets just say… The jeep ride was very entertaining. Be prepared to hold on tight! We had a blast.

The most important thing I can say is that you have to put all of your trust in the guide and yourself. At the end of the tour, I realized that I should have relaxed a bit more. I absolutely appreciated everyone’s patience in our group.

Overall I had a great time. This tour felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity, not to mention the canyons were amazing. It’s always hard to explain to someone how beautiful places are unless they see them for themselves. It was nice to finally be somewhere that was not full of tourists.

We ended our day with dinner at Zion Pizza & Noodle Co. Delicious

  • I recommend bringing a camelbak backpack on every hike/tour or plenty of water
  • Stay hydrated my friends!
  • From our hotel in Springdale to East Zion Adventures, we had to go through the park entrance and purchase a pass. $35 per private vehicle, and good for 7 consecutive days. They do offer passes for non-commercial motorcycles $30 for 7 days, and $20 per person (You will have to show this pass/receipt any time you enter the park.. so don’t forget it!)

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