Day 4 and 5

Belfast, Hilltown, Newcastle

We decided to spend our last two nights in Hilltown, County Down. On our way to our Airbnb we visited Belfast. We first bought tickets for Titanic Belfast and then took a taxi a few blocks over so we could grab a bite to eat and explore a little of the city.

The Titanic Belfast was a neat experience. If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out. You will find a lot of history on the Titanic, so give yourself a few hours to explore. It did get crowded at times, but that was to be expected. The Museum had a lot of interactive displays and a cable car ride that that showed us what the shipyard looked like. The ride was my favorite part of the experience. Don’t worry, it doesn’t move fast.

Tickets: Standard Titanic Experience Admission* (includes entrance to SS Nomadic): £19.00 per adult- You can purchase a handheld multi-media guide for £4. We didn’t purchase one.

Parking: There is parking available underground. This is not included in the museum ticket. Parking charges begin at £2 for the first hour and £1 per hour thereafter. *

Locker storage is available.

For more information: titanic belfast

Our time was limited in Belfast, so once we were done with the museum, we started to explore the city. There were a few taxi’s parked out front.

Our next stop, Harp Bar. I enjoyed hanging out here for a little. I loved how the inside looked.

We had a nice conversation with the bartender about the bar and his favorite places to visit in Ireland. We found out that the bar did not serve food….. but we were told to go down the street and grab a burger from Bunsen burger restaurant. I’m glad we went because the burgers were good!

The menu is VERY simple

I’m a little sad we only had a few hours to hang out in Belfast… all the more reason to go back!

Our next Airbnb was located in Hilltown, Northern Ireland. We stayed in a cute tiny house with a beautiful view! There was another house on the same property (right next to the tiny house) It was bigger and it had a hot tub. JEALOUS!

Hilltown Airbnb- Tiny House

The following morning we drove to Newcastle. It’s a 20 minute drive from Hilltown. It’s a cute little beach town. Too bad it was cold and rainy that day! We started off enjoying a cup of coffee at Caffe Nero, then we had lunch at Quinns Bar. Because of the rain we decided to move on to our next stop…

We drove toward the Mourne Mountains. It was VERY windy and VERY cold so we pulled over, took a picture of the famous Mourne Wall, got back in our car and headed back to Hilltown so we could relax the rest of the night.

The Mourne Wall was built between 1904 and 1922

The Mourne Wall is about 22 miles long and it passes over fifteen mountains in Northern Ireland. It was built to enclose a reservoir, and help keep cattle and sheep out.

We finished the night by enjoying a bottle of wine and grilling some meat that we bought at the butcher shop in Newcastle

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  1. Deborah L. Troxell says:

    Wow Jen, beautiful pictures, Love Mom


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