Ireland Day 2

On our second day we decided to make a trip to the Giants Causeway. We followed the Causeway Coastal Route towards Ballycastle and then made our way to the Giants Causeway. Luckily there were plenty of signs along the way to help guide us to our destinations throughout the trip.

The Causeway Coastal Route is a very popular route in Northern Ireland. It runs along the coast, from Belfast to Londonderry. It took us about 2-3 hours to get to the Giants Causeway because we pulled over a few times to take a few pictures. It’s really hard not to!

How cute is this car!?!

After enjoying the beautiful views of the the sea and cliffs, we finally made it to the Giants Causeway. There is a parking lot to the left of the visitor center, but that parking lot is for the Causeway hotel only. We were redirected to the parking lot which is to the right of the visitor center. As for a parking fee… we didn’t pay anything. There were no signs telling us that we had to pay for parking (we are very sorry if there were) and no one stopped us for payment. Since we didn’t want a guided tour, we didn’t feel the need to go inside the visitor center, so we just started our walk from the parking lot. There is a shuttle bus for anyone who does not want to walk the path to the Giant’s Causeway. The shuttle cost around £1. We skipped the shuttle bus and walked both ways. On our way back to the parking lot, we realized that we should have probably taken the shuttle bus. The walk is about 30-40 minutes each way.

The Path to the Causeway

I would like to come back early in the morning next time. This is a very popular tourist spot, so it’s really hard taking a picture without one single person in it.

There is a restaurant, called the Nook. It’s located across from the Giants Causeway visitor center. You can’t miss it! We ordered beer and soup prior to our walk. The soup was delicious! You can sit inside or outside. We sat at a table outside and enjoyed the view. FYI- You have to go inside and order your food.

Once we were done exploring the Giant’s Causeway, we drove back to our Airbnb and relaxed the rest of the night. Instead of following the Causeway Coastal Route back, we decided to use the map and found a shorter route back. It all worked out in the end.

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If you would like some more information about the Giant’s Causeway, click the link:

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