Ireland 2019

Jason and I took a trip to Ireland in September. Ireland has been on our list of places to visit for awhile. Lucky for us, we found a cheap flight online using Google Flights. After a lot of research we both agreed to stay in Northern Ireland for the beginning of the trip and then end in Dublin. We were able to extend our layover by one day for the same price in Lisbon, Portugal. After we ended our trip in Ireland we took a flight to Lisbon for a day and a half before we headed home. (Portugal Blog will be posted later)

I recommend staying in an Airbnb or a hotel that is outside of the city. I think anyone that wants to visit Ireland, should experience it’s true beauty in the countryside.  We rented a car and explored Northern Ireland for five days before we headed back to Dublin.         

We would go back to Northern Ireland again and explore all of the other parts we did not get to see and stay in Belfast instead of Dublin.

Enjoy reading the rest of the blog posts! Ireland Day 1


If anyone is interested in hearing about the car rental process, then Click Here


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