Iceland 2018

Iceland is an incredible country. There are so many beautiful landscapes with every turn. The scenery can change in an instant, as well as the weather. One mile you see lava fields and then a field of moss or dirt terrain with beautiful mountains in the background. It’s a very jaw dropping experience. 



My boyfriend and I visited Iceland at the end of September for 7 days. We rented a camper van from Cozy Campers and followed the ring road around Iceland for the first 6 days. The last night we stayed in Reykjavik, which made it easier to get to the airport the following day. We made ourselves an itinerary, but did not get to see half of what was on our list, which was okay with me. Now we have another reason to return. Even with our itinerary, we learned that we had to be flexible with our schedule.

Renting a camper van for our first trip was a great idea. It made our trip a bit more laid back. We never had to make reservations at any of the campsites. Lucky ducks!

Most of the campsites cost about 15-17isk per person.


Cozy Camper Rental

With that said, I will give more detailed information on each day and this should give you a good idea of what we did, where we stayed, what to pack and the most important part of the trip, TRANSPORTATION. I hope you enjoy!

Click here for Iceland day 1

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  1. Debbie Frey says:

    Jenny this is a wonderful idea. Can’t wait to read as you add more!!!


    1. My Tipsee Travels says:

      Thanks deb I’m excited


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