Iceland- Day 1

Hello Iceland!

After a long and tiring flight, we finally arrived at the Keflavík Airport around 11am. Any flight over 3 hours is too long in my book, but after we got off the plane, I was ready to go!

*Tip* Before you leave the airport, stop at duty free and purchase alcohol there. This will help you save money. If you really love your booze and you are afraid that you might not purchase enough or even run out mid trip, its ok because there are liquor stores around Iceland. They are called Vinbudin. The prices are higher in the liquor store. We stopped in just to see what was available. There was a nice variety but it did seem like the prices were much higher.

*Tip for beer lovers* The beer sold in the grocery store or gas stations have low alcohol content! So much bloat, so little alcohol. If you want a higher alcohol content you will have to go to the liquor store or licensed restaurants and bars. Yes the beer is a bit pricey, but the draft beers were surprisingly large.

Next stop: Cozy Campers

We had to take the flybus shuttle to the BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik. Our flybus tickets were included with our rental. Woohoo! This was about a 40 minute ride. They also paid for our taxi from the BSI Bus Terminal. This was about 10 minutes. Once we arrived at Cozy Campers, we got a tour of our camper van. The van is very cozy that’s for sure.

We rented Cozy 4. There is a lot included. It comes with a gas stove, sink with running water, refrigerator/cooler, blankets and pillows, cookware and even a heating system!! You will be very toasty. They offer extra items that you can rent. We rented the grill, table, chairs and towels. Get extra towels, you will be happy you did. We didn’t get the Gps, but we did purchase a map. That was very helpful and now we have something to keep for our memories. We skipped the wifi. A lot of gas stations offer free wifi and some of the campsites did as well.


Check out what else they have to offer! Cozy Campers

Before we started our road trip, we headed to the nearest grocery store. We went to Bonus and bought a few days worth of groceries. Try and limit what you buy especially the cold stuff. The cooler can only hold a few items. We did find out that most of the towns along the way had a grocery store, so we bought groceries as we traveled.

Make sure to try the famous Icelandic hot dogs at any gas station! They are delicious.


Since it was a long day of traveling we headed to Hamragardar campsite. You could see two waterfalls from the campsite, both within walking distance. Gljufrabui is closer and Seljalandsfoss is about 8 to 10 minute walk. This was very welcoming for our first night.

There was a small kitchen available and there were showers as well. The showers cost extra.

Gljufrabui Waterfall

Before getting completely settled in, we took a walk over to Gljufrabui waterfall. It’s a hidden waterfall in a small canyon. Make sure to wear your rain gear because you will get wet. Wear rain boots! There are rocks you can try to balance yourself on, but I was so excited that my feet ended up in the water. They were not waterproof and of course they did not fully dry until the end of our trip. Luckily, I brought an extra pair of boots.

Gljufrabui is pretty cool!

There were SO many stars at night. I have never seen so many stars in my entire life. It was amazing. I was speechless. The northern lights came out that night. I was exhausted and of course missed the most amazing part, but Jason was lucky enough to capture the moment. ( I was lucky enough another night) *wink wink*

so many stars!
Day 1: Complete

Iceland Day 2

Note: From my understanding you can not park your camper van anywhere you want in Iceland. You must park at designated campsites. I found a website with some more information regarding camping. Some do’s and don’ts of camping

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  1. Amanda Doss says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it. I have enjoyed seeing your pictures on Facebook and it is wonderful to hear the story behind them. Enjoy your travels!!

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    1. My Tipsee Travels says:

      Thank you amanda!


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