Iceland Day 5

We started our morning relaxing at Myvatn Nature Baths. This is similar to the Blue Lagoon. Its cheaper and has the same unique blue color. We arrived right when it opened so we had the pool to ourselves for awhile. If the water in the pool isn’t hot enough, then you can sit in what looks like a hot tub that is right next to the pool. The temperature was nice and hot. There was a steam bath, but we didn’t use it.

You can rent a towel and bathing suit if you forget to pack them. Click on the link to check out the current prices.        Myvatn Nature Baths



After a fun morning, we drove to Húsavík. It was raining so we didn’t get to explore the town like we wanted to. We ordered soup at Salka Restaurant and then decided to go find our hotel so we could relax for the rest of the night. We wanted to stay in a hotel mid trip so we could take a break from sleeping in the camper van. VERY GOOD IDEA! We stayed at Tungulending Guesthouse. It was so cute and cozy and very relaxing. The staff was very pleasant.

A breakfast buffet is included with your stay. They do serve dinner but you have to make a reservation with them the day before. They will email you with the “dish of the day”. If you are interested in dinner, I suggest checking your email the day before if possible. I was very pleased with our whole experience. I would love to come back again. 5 stars!!

The best part of staying at this hotel is that you have a very lovely view of the ocean… and its warm, cozy, clean………….. all of the above.

Isn’t the hotel cute!
Yes, that is the curvy road you travel down to get to the hotel… yikes!

Tungulending Guesthouse

Day 5 done..


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