Iceland Packing List

Our flights were cheap. We booked our flight with WOW airlines for $300 round trip per person. As much as I loved the cheap price, we still had to pay extra for our bags. The airline included 1 free personal item. Carry on bags or checked bags cost extra. We stuffed as much as we could in our personal item, and decided to share one checked bag so we could save money. I made sure to limit as much as I could.

We decided that when we come back to Iceland, we will not share a bag. There were clothing items we left behind to save room, and on our first night I realized I needed them, like rain boots, and a thicker sweater or two. If you are trying to save as much money as possible then sharing is the way to go, but if you can spend a little bit more money, I suggest packing your own bag.

Packing list:       I listed what we brought with us and also items that we would bring next time

Rain Gear!-  Rain pants, rain jacket and waterproof boots. I would also suggest packing rain boots or muck boots if you have room. The first night we had to walk through water to get to a waterfall.

A thick sweater- I didn’t bring one on the trip but I wish I brought one

2-3 long sleeve tops- I only packed 3 long sleeve tops. One of them was fleece lined and I rotated them every other day.

thermal pants or fleece leggings-  Layer, layer, layer

Winter hat/beanie- Bring a few. There is a chance one will get wet from rain or snow and its nice to change it up for photos

Gloves and a scarf

wool or thick socks

LOTION!- between the wind, cold and hot springs, my skin was dry. Lotion was very important for this trip. (For me atleast)

Towel- Whether you bring your own or rent any like we did, you will want 2 towels per person. We rented towels with our camper van rental for the week. You can rent towels at most geothermal pools, but they may be more expensive for one day.

Bathing suit(s)- Bring your own bathing suit instead of renting one. This will save you money.

Sunglasses- You will need these

Medicine- I recommend bringing any allergy meds or Ibuprofen, ect. There are pharmacies, but depending on when you are near one, they may be closed.

tablet or device that you can download movies- Our discounted flight did not have any entertainment on it and some of the places that we camped at didn’t always have wifi available. This helped keeping us entertained at times.

A good camera- I used my phone a lot to take pictures, but we also brought our own camera. You will want to use a camera for the waterfalls, northern lights, stars in the sky, so pretty much all of your trip

Camera Tripod

A drone- If you have a drone, bring it. This is a much better way capturing the beautiful views of Iceland, and the landscape

Travel Adapter- It may or may not be necessary to bring your own. I brought one on our trip, but the camper van that we rented provided us with one. I would recommend verifying with your hotels, or the camper van company if they offer any to “borrow”

Headlamps- We used these a lot at night, especially when you need to walk to the restroom in the dark, or need light for night photos

Santa Hats- Yes! Thats right! There are many amazing backdrops that you can use for your future Christmas photos!

I hope this helps!


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